How to join us

We always have room for new members. Our Constitution proves for three classifications of members (1) Ordinary, (2) Support, (3) Life.

When deciding between being an Ordinary member or a Support member be guided by your ability, or desire, to attend the Park to work at least once each year. A Support member is an individual or family unable to participate in our on-Park work program.

Knowing which classification our members have enables us to better plan our activity schedule each year.

The nature of our work and the landscape in which it is often carried out means that Ordinary members need to be relatively fit and active, able to undertake manual labour without undue risk of personal harm.

Consider some tasks you could be expected to do. Walk up hill carrying tools and equipment, dig post holes using shovel and crowbar, lift and shift logs and rocks, shovelling, lifting and carrying generally.

We are volunteers and we do work according to our ability, but we do have responsibility for safety and welfare of all.

Access to work sites in the Park is gained in our own vehicles. While some locations can be safely reached in conventional 2WD vehicles, when we need to access areas away from proper tracks a vehicle with high ground clearance is needed. 4WD vehicles are best suited for the terrain.

When working in the Park we are covered by SA Government insurance in case of injury. (Our injury rate is very low) Each time we venture into the Park to work we take a first aid kit, a defibrillator, an oxy-reviver and a satellite phone.

Membership fees are $20 annually for individual and family members whether Ordinary or Support Members. Our financial year is January 1 to December 31.

If you have any questions about membership please contact our Secretary on 08 83391311 or