Where do we do it?

Our activity can take place virtually anywhere within the vast area of Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park. And if it progresses the objectives of this Park, we occasionally work off-Park.

While some of our work is in areas frequented by Park visitors, much of it is in sections of the Park to which visitors have no access unless they are keen hikers.

Our base when we attend the Park for a working week is Oraparinna, a former sheep station 25 kilometres north of Wilpena on the Blinman Road. Once the Park Headquarters, Oraparinna is now the home of Bounceback and Friends of Flinders Ranges NP. The Bounceback rangers have been working effectively for more than 20 years to eliminate a range of ferals, both animal and plant, from within the Park and from some neighbouring properties. We occasionally work with them.

Oraparinna Shearers' Quarters is our home away from home. It provides sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities for around 20 members. Rooms are allocated to members attending to work on assigned projects.

Oraparinna is around 485 kilometres from Adelaide. During a working week we could drive anything up to 300 kilometres around the Park. We provide our own transport between home and the Park and to travel around the Park.